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Programs Overview




LiteraNation is growing, and the movement takes pride in serving and connecting writers, poets, artists, etc, with necessary information, support and diverse opportunities.

LiteraNation is determined to offer diverse programs that make literary and visual arts more fulfilling, engaging, rewarding and adequately productive.


We are constantly working on new ways to bring together creative minds. One innovative way LiteraNation is engaging, realtime, with writers, poets, artists and art enthusiasts through our social media platforms and we encourage every creative mind to get involved in this effort. Presently, we have three social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Whats app. The aim is to provide additional reach and adequate literary exposure for our members and literary enthusiasts through our interactive sessions.


At LiteraNation, we aim not only to develop, appreciate and promote indigenous literary and artistic skills, talents and intellectual power, but we also strive to bring together best of the brightest minds and passionate artists who can create sustainable ideas for shaping our world.

LiteraNation occasionally hosts “Meet and Greet/Literary Events” to help connect its members, to exchange ideas and information, create avenue for art and literary presentations ( poetry, spoken words, lectures, books, audio, drawings) and gather in a fun filled environment. The dates and details of our events will be posted on our blog and social media channels in advance of upcoming events.
•Important Notice: The event is intended for members of LiteraNation, not the general public. However, all literary and arts enthusiasts are cordially welcome and encouraged to attend.


Our programmes are subdivided into:

1. Primary School development programme
2. Secondary School development programme
3. Youth Development programme (tertiary Schools)

The development programmes employs performing arts, literary lectures and readings as vehicles to help build skills, appreciate and develop literary and artistic talents in young people.

The mission of these programmes is to inculcate the love of literature and appreciation of creative arts and nurture creativity in young people in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. We have chosen; book readings, performing arts, poetry slam, music, drama, and dance as effective conduits for accomplishing both our mission and our goals.

We invite established authors to visit primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, believing that an encounter with a real life author can be one of the best motivation any youth can have. We aim to invite over 10 renowned authors to visit schools each year, and inspire students to read with more enthusiasm, and help encourage students to write.

Information regarding our Development programmes will be posted on our blog and social media channels in advance of upcoming the events.


4i. LiteraNation’s Blog.

We believe that providing a platform for emerging writers and artists and helping them find readers/audience is an essential step towards developing, appreciating and promoting indigenous literary and artistic skills, talents and intellectual power. Our doors are open to poetry, essays, fiction, photographs, and drawings.



Submission Guideline: Email your work (either as an attachment or in the body of the mail) to Literanation@yahoo.com, with the work’s title in the subject line. Closing,your name. A brief biography of not more than 140 words. You are free to attach your photograph, website address, Twitter, or Facebook address.
• Be advised that we will edit your work and sometimes change the title.

4ii. LiteraNation’s Anthology.

The Anthology is published once a year and accepts poetry, essays, fiction, photographs, and drawings. Our members, especially the youths, interested in literary publishing and editing begin their professional careers by working on this project, gaining valuable experience and portfolio materials.

Information regarding our upcoming anthology will be posted on our blog and social media platforms.

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