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A LIFE OF THREE STAGES by Ogunyemi Julianah Adekemi



Across my grandma’s garden
Sat a wooden rest chair
I looked and smiled from balcony

what a beautiful speech she gives
As she made a way to me
With her four limbs on the floor
My beautiful niece with radiant smile
What a beautiful stage that was
A beautiful but forgotten stage

And yet another stage unfolds
A stage of high pitched voice and tempting lips
Of two high tower with moderate heaps
With beautiful hips that do not lie
And curves that put gazes in prison
A stage no lady wishes to leave behind

And yet another stage is here
A stage I see as my grandma walks
A glimpse of my grandma in the garden
A glimpse of 50s beauty
Oh! What a tragedy old age could bring
That could make the hips now lying
That could bend once straight and proud shoulders
Make black hair as white as wool
Add another leg to my grandma’s legs
Making two legs unstable three
As she made her way to her wooden rest chair
A sure but dreaded stage in life.

About the poet


Ogunyemi Julianah Adekemi hails from Inisa (odo-otin L.G) Osun state is a graduate of statistics from  LAUTECH ogbomoso, Oyo state

Her hobbies are traveling to places with natural views,writing of poems and reading



  1. samuel says:

    The major three stages in life that is inevitable…
    May we all experience the last stage

    What a write up….
    Keep it up


  2. Godwin Emonena says:

    This beautiful dear!
    It’s a perfect masterpiece.


  3. Ayobami says:

    Perfect, beautiful, educative, inspiring and instructive. God bless you


Thanks, for your comment. -- LiteraNation

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